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Sunday Recap: Equality

By Pastor Chad

When my kids were young, I would extend my hands out as far as I could spread them and say, “I love you this much plus infinity!” Ultimately, what I was saying is that my love for them is unconditional and cannot be measured.

It is hard for human beings to understand the concept of infinity. We are finite beings. We have limitations. We have imperfections. There are many, many actions we just can’t do. There are many concepts that we just cannot comprehend. So what does it even mean to say “God is infinite”? How do we wrap our brains around such a claim?

In my sermon on Sunday, I spoke on the deity of Christ. Christians believe that Jesus is God. To be precise, we believe He is true God and true Man. I further emphasized that the Father and the Son are equal. In what ways are they equal? Whatever divine attribute God the Father has, God the Son (Jesus) also has.

But wait! The Father is eternal, He has no beginning or end.

Yep! And the same is true of Jesus.

The Father is all-powerful, He can do whatever He wants.

Yep! And the same goes for Jesus. Jesus has every single divine quality that the Father has. That means, Jesus is infinite, too. He is infinite in love, mercy, compassion, power, knowledge, grace, goodness, holiness, justice, and the list goes on. 

This is deep stuff. These are ideas that we do not fully understand. These are beliefs we kind of scratch our head at. There, however, is some encouraging practical application to these very important Christian beliefs. If Jesus is infinite in love, that means His love for us knows no end. Claiming “Jesus loves me” means that He loves us with an infinite love. He cares for us with infinite compassion. He tends to us with infinite grace. Let’s break this down a bit, shall we?

If Jesus loves us with an infinite love, that means His love for us does not waver. Sure, God can be disappointed with us. Jesus may disapprove of our lifestyle and actions. He may wish we would flee from the sin that so easily ensnares us, but that doesn’t mean His love for us diminishes. An infinite love cannot be added to or taken away. 

Now, before we get carried away, perhaps we should say, we cannot put one attribute of God over another. In other words, we can’t say love is Jesus’ greatest characteristic. Why? As infinite God, Jesus has just as much love as He does goodness. He has just as much goodness as He does holiness. He has just as much holiness as He does justice. God’s infinite love does not mean He will overlook our sin. Our sin, however, does present Jesus with the occasion to show His infinite love to us. He did this by dying on the cross for our sins–even though we do not deserve it. His love doesn’t mean He will overlook our sin, but it does mean He will forgive it. There is an important condition for this forgiveness, though. One must repent of his or her sin and believe in the gospel. It is then that the infinite love of God is eternally showered upon us. We are forgiven and saved. We are then adopted as His. His love is fully applied to our lives. 


To hear the full sermon, click here.


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